Automating Email Scrapping

Automating Email Scrapping With A Web Scraper

So, if you don’t know what email scrapping is, it’s going through a webpage and looking (scraping) for an email address you can use to contact the admin or owner of that site. This is referred to as email scraping or web scraping.

Why would this be useful? Well, this is all about contacting these sites to ask if you can feature or write some content, asking for link backs and generally any other such request you would like to ask.

Doing this the manual way can be, as you may imagine, a time consuming task. You would need to go to every website, search around for contact details, then write them down, or copy them into a spreadsheet.

This is certainly a task where automation will save you time and effort. Automating this task would also allow it to be run in the background while you continue on with other tasks that can’t be automated – such as creating content.

Contact scraping tools

As you can imagine, many people have come across this before and many have created tools and services that will help you with this task.

I myself used to use a tool; a web scraper as they are referred to; a tool which had a plugin to do this scraping. You would then need to run this tool (using proxy servers so as to not have issue with search engines) to scrape.

Today there are online services you can use. Many have numerous packages with each package giving you access to so many searches or content scrapes.

Using online web scraping services.

This is my personal new way to do this type of scraping. I am trialling out the use of a particular service; a service that has a free package. Although limited, the free package from Hunter gives you 100 requests.

What you don’t get with that particular entry-level service is CSV exports. If you want to automate that little bit further and you would prefer the tool to output to a CSV file the details it finds – then you would need to choose a paid package.

However, to test out and get some value from; like me, you can begin with the free service and go from there.

This is just one service; there are other companies and tools out there that you may prefer. The best options are to take some time, do some research and pick whichever tool or service is best for you.

The end goal is to automate the collection of emails. This data can then be used to send emails; which can also be automated – but that is for another article.

Improve your workflow

Improve and increase your workflow by choosing to automate tasks such as email scraping. This is the type of operation that you get little value out of your time doing it yourself manually.

Blog On Autopilot - Podcast Episode 2 - Autoblogging

Blog On Autopilot – Podcast Episode 2 – Autoblogging

Just a short post to link our second podcast. I’m really trying to do one a week at the moment so that I can share all the info I have and gather to help you improve your workflow and get to do more of the things you enjoy doing with your website.

In this episode I talk about autoblogging and if you should or should not be doing it.

So, here it is. If you are enjoying this content can you please leave us a review.

Should I Automate My Posts Creation

Should I Automate My Posts Creation

This is the big one… Well, what I mean by that is, that, when talking about automating your blog or affiliate site, the first thing you would think of is automating your posts.

This is probably why this particular automation tasks seems to be big business – at least for WordPress based plugins. There are a number out there and they each cost…

However, the reality of it is – should you actually automate your posts?

How would I automate my WordPress posts?

So, I’m going to concentrate on WordPress as this is what all those plugins are aimed at.

Let me clarify one thing first. When I say “automate your posts”, this is not a little robot sitting there, taking in a title and beavering away writing.

What it is, is the plugin requires you to put in some competition sites, sites which have content you would like to see on your site. It then copies the latest posts and creates a post on your site faster than you can say “copyright infringement”.

So, these should not be called “autoblogging” plugins, but rather auto blog post copy plugins.

You can spin the autoblogging posts

So, we established that these plugins copy posts from other sites and post to your site which will probably cause problems. Firstly there is the copyright infringement issue. Secondly, Google will see and potentially hit you with duplicate content flags.

This is not going to bode well for your rankings in search engines.

One thing many of these plugins suggest is doing what is called spinning the content. Now, if you take a look at this link I have an issue with the word SEO being in there.

So, spinning the content basically involves changing some of the words for words that mean the same, or similar, and so changing your post enough so that its not duplicate posts.

There exists sites and plugins that do this for you. You can have them spin content that is “auto generated(copied) on autopilot too.

So, in theory, you’re getting a unique posts, right?

If you’ve ever looked at any content done this way, its terrible. I often do it to have a good laugh to be honest. Quite often it sounds quite strange to read. Words used do not make sense in the context of the sentence, etc.

So, you may get unique content. However, it’s not good quality unique content which is readable, enjoyable and will not be good SEO quality.

Let’s recap

So, we’ve talked about the auto blogger tools. We’ve said that you can spin the content to make it unique. Should I use these to create my content.

Let me answer that with a definitive NO! Don’t do it, unless you want a low quality site that really isn’t going to rank well.

That’s not to say there isn’t a case to use these tools. I have a site that lists freebies available on the internet. I used to spend hours finding content as well as listing 1 free kindle book per day.

As more and more of these sites hit the internet and the seemingly lower availability of freebies I lost faith. However, I still wanted to keep this site ticking over.

So, I used one of these auto generation plugins that could interface with Amazon to go and pull in several free kindle books per day.

Now, in this case, the post has a button link to go back to the Amazon site so they can get this free ebook. It’s not me copying the post content and passing as my own, it’s giving he info for them to link to the original content.

In this instance, the auto generation works. It’s not trying to rank off those posts. It’s not trying to deceive, but it is instead linking to the original content.

This is the only exception I would say to the auto post generation be a valid thing to do.

In conclusion

In conclusion, I would say never to use tools to auto generate your content. It’s much better to write your own better content giving everyone your views and showing your personality.

After all, it’s not the content that your readers enjoy, it the writing style and personality of the person writing it they they really people really want to enjoy.

Introducing The Video And Podcast

Introducing The Video And Podcast

Lots of content for you to consume

I’m approaching this new endeavour, new webpage and, hopefully, more; with a three-pronged approach.

Firstly there is this nice, new, shiny website on which I will be publishing posts for tip and tricks, what to automate, what not to and really all content about improving your workflow. Automation is the only way you will be able to complete everything you need to do – but it has to be the right automation.

Secondly, I’m going to start releasing videos on YouTube. These videos will be supplementary content, so either example on what I am talking about or other content on top of the posts.

Third and final is a podcast. Initially, the podcast is going to be a direct conversion of audio from the YouTube videos – but as we progress I intend to make this its own content.

So, 3 lots of content…

So there will be 3 different (eventually) parts of content to consume, each giving some value to helping you produce content better. Whether you blogging or creating content for affiliate, dropshipping or company website there should be something to help you.

Let me guide you through the automation minefield and get you producing content faster than ever before.