Automating Email Scrapping

Automating Email Scrapping With A Web Scraper

So, if you don’t know what email scrapping is, it’s going through a webpage and looking (scraping) for an email address you can use to contact the admin or owner of that site. This is referred to as email scraping or web scraping.

Why would this be useful? Well, this is all about contacting these sites to ask if you can feature or write some content, asking for link backs and generally any other such request you would like to ask.

Doing this the manual way can be, as you may imagine, a time consuming task. You would need to go to every website, search around for contact details, then write them down, or copy them into a spreadsheet.

This is certainly a task where automation will save you time and effort. Automating this task would also allow it to be run in the background while you continue on with other tasks that can’t be automated – such as creating content.

Contact scraping tools

As you can imagine, many people have come across this before and many have created tools and services that will help you with this task.

I myself used to use a tool; a web scraper as they are referred to; a tool which had a plugin to do this scraping. You would then need to run this tool (using proxy servers so as to not have issue with search engines) to scrape.

Today there are online services you can use. Many have numerous packages with each package giving you access to so many searches or content scrapes.

Using online web scraping services.

This is my personal new way to do this type of scraping. I am trialling out the use of a particular service; a service that has a free package. Although limited, the free package from Hunter gives you 100 requests.

What you don’t get with that particular entry-level service is CSV exports. If you want to automate that little bit further and you would prefer the tool to output to a CSV file the details it finds – then you would need to choose a paid package.

However, to test out and get some value from; like me, you can begin with the free service and go from there.

This is just one service; there are other companies and tools out there that you may prefer. The best options are to take some time, do some research and pick whichever tool or service is best for you.

The end goal is to automate the collection of emails. This data can then be used to send emails; which can also be automated – but that is for another article.

Improve your workflow

Improve and increase your workflow by choosing to automate tasks such as email scraping. This is the type of operation that you get little value out of your time doing it yourself manually.