How To Post Out To Social Media On Autopilot

How To Post Out To Social Media On Autopilot

In today’s social online world, part of our SEO effort has to be put into connecting into social media channels.

When we create a new blog post or content post, we should spend a little time linking it out to our social media channels – influencing the people who are there to come and check out our new post.

If you do this at the moment though you know it can be a little time-consuming. You need to log onto each of the social channels and create the post, at the link and send out.

This is a key candidate for automation.

Automating your social media posts – the tools

So, let me start by saying that there are a number of services out there (and tools) that will post out your content for you.

They range from website services all the way through to software tools and plugins. You will need to take some time to pick the right one for you.

That said, and probably the reason you’re reading this post; let me share with you my experience, as well as my preferred tool for doing this.

Just so you know, I have not tried every service out there – so there is possibly a better tool than I use. The tools I use through work well for me as well as countless others.

That now said, let us take a look at the option.

Online services

There are a number of online tools available now that will allow you to manage your social posting. Then all offer similar services, but also some tool-specific options.

One other thing they have in common is, that, to get access to the full functionality of the tools you need to pay a subscription model service.

Each of these tools manages your social media posting differently. Some require more manual intervention than others. Some you can just set on autopilot and leave. Others will require changes from time to time.

There are a number of online services, but here are a few of my favourite.

First, we have Socialoomph which I just love the name of. It seems like quite a popular pick, I see many posts on my twitter feed these days coming from this service.

Socialoomph has some free options, but for posting to all the social media networks you would like, you would need to pay for the service.

I did try, and still, use the free service to post to my twitter for another blog. It works quite well and I can certainly see why others use it.

Hootsuite is another similar service. Again this has a free service but to get the most out of it you would need to upgrade to a paid service. I’ve also tried Hootsuite and it does work well, though I found it a little more tricky to use.

There are other services I’ve not mentioned which, when you do Google search you would find. The 2 I mentioned here are 2 services I have personally tried and like – but that’s not to say another service won’t feel better for your needs.

What you should be taking away from this is that there are services available to help you automate your social posting. However, they are not the only blog social posting automation you could use.

WordPress plugins

There are some plugins for WordPress that have been designed to post new posts (and old posts) out to your social media networks.

To date, there are plugins that have free versions and some which are only paid.

I checked out a few social network publishing plugin’s and went with NextScripts plugin. It has a big list of social networks it can post to and you can even schedule old posts to be reposted. There is also a free version which supports many of the social networks you would want to use.

This WordPress plugin can be set up on your site so that it posts out a link to your latest post as soon as it goes live on your site.

This means that as soon as the post is published (either it’s by clicking publish or if you schedule the post), the post will appear on the setup social media channels.

As an example. I have a site setup using this plugin that will send out any new post on my site. This particular site has 4-5 scheduled posts through the day which means the associated Facebook Page, Twitter Feed and others get 4-5 posts per day with links to each new post.

This removed around 30-60 minutes of work for me every day. That’s 30-60 minutes I can spend writing or marketing my sites. 30-60 minutes I can spend doing whatever I would normally miss.

The other great option is that, like some of the posting services mentioned above, you can set up this plugin to post out old posts.

You can set intervals where the tool will pick at old post (you can define timescale to pick from) and post it out to the social media channels giving you exposure to your older posts.

Any new members to your social media feeds that may have not seen those posts linked previously will have then appear in their social feeds, potentially giving them links to content that may be useful for them to read.

There are other services and plugins

It goes without saying that there are other online services and many other WordPress plugins available to do this post to social media automated posting.

Many of them need some payment or subscription costs. There are some social media networks that don’t have their own in-house API and so paying for the service through the tool provider is the only way of posting to them automatically.

For most of the popular ones, you could get away with using the plugin I use, mentioned above (NextScripts in case you didn’t want to scroll back up).

I personally also love the feature of auto-posting older content – though you could also use a different plugin such as the Revive Old Post WordPress plugin.

This is the automation we want

When we talk about automation and setting up our blog out autopilot – this is the automation that really matters.

This posting is more efficient to be done on autopilot. This does not affect the site or indexing of the site. What it does do is improves your workflow; giving you time to work on the important things.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. What this means is, there is no extra cost for you if you decided to purchase through them. However, I would get a small percentage paid out to us for that sale.